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Covid Update 

With the increase in Covid cases, and with the guidance of the Bishop, the Vestry will not change our current COVID-19 policy at this time, but do suggest that masks be worn while in the church

                                         OPTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RECEIVING OF COMMUNION

Communion will now be both bread and wine at communion.  Recognizing that individuals comfort levels may differ about receiving communion there will be four options available.  (1)  Those who are not comfortable in physically receiving the bread or the wine at this time may simply remain in their pew. (2) Those not comfortable in receiving bread or wine MAY come to Altar rail, kneel as able, cross their arms on their chest, and receive a blessing only.   (3)  You may come to the rail, kneeling as able, hold out your hands and receive the bread, after consuming the bread you may cross your arms on the chest and not receive the wine.  Please remain in place at Altar until the Chalice bearer has stated before you the words of administration, then you may leave.   (4)  Knelling as able, you may receive the wine in two ways.  (a)  Directly from the chalice, or (b) By intinction.  The Chalice bearer will take the bread from your hands, dip it in the chalice, and then place it on your tongue.  (You may not dip your own bread.)

  Subject: Rowan LeCompte Windows    July 19th 2001

Dear Rev, Mollison,

My name is Peter Swanson and I am a filmmaker/photographer near Worcester Mass.  I am working with the family of stained glass artist Rowan LeCompte to create a website that features all of Rowan’s windows.  You may know that Rowan created many of the windows for Washington National Cathedral.   As I understand it, he has some windows at St. Paul's.


You can see our progress to date at:  


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