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                                         OPTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RECEIVING OF COMMUNION
All who are baptized into the Christian faith are welcome at the Lord’s table. All baptized individuals are invited to communion. To receive communion at the altar rail you may kneel or stand. To receive the bread (wafer) place one hand on top of another, palms up, and the celebrant will place the bread in your hand.

You may eat the bread or you can leave the bread in your hand and the Deacon or Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) will dip the bread into the chalice (intinction) and place it your mouth. You may not dip your own bread.

If you eat the bread before the chalice is offered to you, then please guide the chalice to your mouth by gently touching the base of the chalice. The chalice is wiped and rotated after each person consumes wine from it.

If for any reason you cannot or do not want to drink the wine place arms across chest and remain in place at the altar rail until the Chalice bearer has stated before you the words of administration, then you may leave.

If you do not want to receive communion, but would like to receive a blessing, then come to the altar rail during communion and place your arms across your chest. This will tell the celebrant that you are requesting a blessing, and then one will be given. You may leave the altar rail immediately after receiving the blessing.

  Rowan LeCompte Windows    Sept. 2001

Article in Sept 9th issue of Altus Times about Rowan LeCompte's stained glass windows at St Paul's.  You can see our Story on the internet at:  

Additional information about LeCompte Stained Glass windows:  Let There Be Light and Rowan LeCompte – A Life In Light – Two Films Featuring Masters of Stained Glass (


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